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About Us


The Town Hall building began its life as the Buckner Baptist Church.  It was built and dedicated in the late 1890’s and was located at the corner of Hudson and Jefferson streets.  Originally it was just a great big one-room building.  In 1924 it was modernized with the installment of a basement, furnace and water systems.  It also survived a fire in 1950.

The church was renamed First Baptist Church of Buckner in 1977.  In 1983 the parsonage was sold and moved from the grounds, providing space for a new church building.  The new building was erected that year beside the original building.


In 1993 the original Buckner Baptist Church 

building was donated to the Buckner Arts

Alliance and moved to a new location.  The

Fire Prairie Arts Alliance raised money to

pay for the move and start renovations to 

the building.       

                                                The building was

                                                moved in August

                                                and took longer 

                                                than expected. 

                                                After the utility

                                                lines and cables

                                                were moved to


                                                the situation,

                                                the actual move

                                                began.  During the 2 block journey, the clutch in the tractor-trailer pulling the           building went out.  As a result, the building spent the night atop a trailer in the middle of Madison Street, one block from its original site.  Once the clutch was replaced, the journey was completed and the building now rests at its current location on Sibley Street across from Buckner Elementary School.  It is now called Buckner Town Hall.  

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